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Yew plaques

Yew plaques

A pair English Yew slices cut from a tree grown in the grounds of Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire. Consecutive boards 6" & 5" wide x 38" .5"

Price: £85

Welsh (style) Kitchen Dresser

Price: POA

Made from English Elm, the drawer fronts and door panels are field and raised with the ones of the top unit being made of burr Elm. Finished with a medium brown stain and wax polished. 72" wide x 84" high

Box Settle

This Box Settle is made in English Oak cut from a tree that was over 275 years old when it came down. The tree was growing in a part of Sherwood Forest not far from Parliament Oak.

It has a left up seat with storage underneath, ideal for walking boots and dog leads, the base is
latted to allow for air circulation. 

Finished in light oak to bring out the graining.


                overall size: 46" high x 26.5" wide x 18" deep.


2 seater Settle in Sweet Chestnut with half potboard shelf below solid seat.


             Overall size: 35.5" wide x 43" high x 21" deep (seat depth 16")
                                                 potshelf depth 9"


One of the most common repairs carried out to antique coffers/chests is to the lid where it is hinged at to the back, either the hinges have worn away and the lid has fallen off or it has been allowed to drop down and the impact has caused the lid to break in half.
Both types of damage are due in part because the lid is hinged on the top of the back rail, the result being the full weight of the lid is taken by the hinge pin in addition this set up makes it difficult to get items out of the box as one hand is required to hold the lid open.
To solve this problem all our coffers/chests have the lid hinges set 3 - 4" from the back edge this enables the lid to be opened and lent against the wall thereby leaving both hands free to rumage.

Made from Sweet Chestnut, stained dark with a hand waxed finish this coffer has raised & fielded panels to the front, fielded panels to the back and flat panels to the sides.

                      Overall size: 36" wide x 16.5" deep x 22" high

Coffers are often used for the storage of cloths or bed linen and as such can become musty so instead of a solid base this coffer has a latted base to aid air flow.
The inside is polished in it's natural colour.

                    Price: £950

You can see this piece being made here when BBC Inside Out filmed in July 2010.

Pedestal Table:

Made from English Yew, the tree had been felled to make way for a building project.

To bring out the unique grain and many colours in English Yew this table has been polished in its natural colour, using pale french polish and finished with beeswax.

Overall size: top 20" x 20" x  26" high

                 Price: £575

Octagonal Coffee table:

Made from English Oak, the top is made up of four boards jointed together using pegged loose tenons & mortises and is just under 2" thick, standing on four reeded legs with a latted magazine shelf below.

Finished in it's natural colour the knots and pippy grain can be seen clearly.
The Oak tree that the timber was cut from for this table was over 275 years old when it was damaged in a storm and had to be felled for safety reasons.  It stood just half a mile from Parliament Oak which is on the main Edwinstowe to Mansfield road.


Overall size: top 36" x 36" x 20" high

Coffee Table:

Made from solid English Oak this table is made using traditional joints which are fixed with hand cut Oak pegs.
The tree was over 270 years old before having to be felled due to the crown breaking off during high winds, causing the tree to become unstable.

The top is 1.5 inches thick and made up of three boards which are held together using loose tenons, the mortises in the edges have been hand cut in the traditional way using a 130 year old mortice chiesel.

It is secured to the base with wooden 'buttons', these will allow the wood to move without causing splits in the grain.


                                        46" long x 18" high x 21.5" wide

                                                    Price: SOLD

                                                   Sold Gallery

arm detail of patrick turk's signature piece - settle

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