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Arm detail of patrick turk's signature piece - settle           The Furniture

                                       'Creating functional Art'

The Forest2Furniture collection is not a range of reproduction furniture.

They are individual works of functional art, each piece is unique in it's own way and because we limit the number of pieces made in any one year to 12, what you get is the only one of it's kind in the world.

All the pieces in these pages are for sale, when you purchase a piece it will be the one shown in the photo. 

Because we have chosen to harvest and mill only storm damaged trees, the proceess used being slow and labour intensive we are therefore limited to the amount of timber produced in any one year.

For this reason we are limited with the amount of commission work we can undertake.  Please email us with your requirements.

As we make only one piece a month please bookmark us to check on new pieces.

For sales, enquiries and details of shipping destinations & prices please email our sales administrator - Frances Leyshon.

Each piece of furniture has a makers label showing the date when that piece was finished and piece number

Each piece when sold is supplied with a certificate of provenance as proof of who made it and that it is part of the Forest 2 Furniture collection.
In addition to the certificate, a map of the woodland where the fallen tree came from and details where the tree was in the woodland.

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Arm detail of patrick turk's signature piece - settle 

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