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        Artisan Wood Barn

All our planked timber is milled and dried by ourselves and comes from trees that have been damaged in storms or have been felled for conservation or safety reasons, none of them had been grown for commercial use.

At present we can only offer air dried timber for sale but hopefully in the next few months our new kiln will be up and running and we'll be able to offer kiln dried timber as well.

With the exception of the London Plane/Lacewood, Walnut and Wych Elm all our timber has been sourced from trees grown within Sherwood Forest and The Dukeries.

We know the history of all our timber; where it was grown, when it fell, how old it was when it fell and in the case of some of the Sweet Chestnut who planted it and why!

Current stock:

Timber                      Dried             
Lengths           Widths            Thickness
Ash - white
Air9' - 10'7" - 14"1" - 3"
Ash - olive
Air9'16" - 26"1.25" - 2.5"
CherryAir5' - 10'8" - 21"1.25" - 2.25"
C/BeechAir8' - 10'12" - 34"1.25" - 2"
ElmAir8' - 12'12 - 22"1" - 2"
Air3' - 6' 12" - 26"2" - 8"
London PlaneAir7' - 10'12" - 25"1.5" & 2"
London Plane Q/SAir3' - 8'10" - 22"1" - 2"
Oak - English Air/Green8' - 10'10" - 18"1.25" - 3"
S/ChestnutAir/Kiln8'14" - 24"1.25" - 2.5"
SycamoreAir8' & 10'8" - 18"1" - 4"
Air6' & 11'8" - 20"1.25" & 2"
Wych ElmAir9' & 12'12" - 16"1.5" & 2"
Air6' - 10'6" - 18"1" - 2.25"

We only stock rough sawn boards. 
Timber sizes quoted are approximate and subject to availability.

Prices are regularly updated and may change at any time, certain wide boards maybe subject to a premium being added but our prices are a guide only and discounts maybe given for larger orders.

We price our timber per cubic foot (cu/ft).
1 cu/ft is equivalent to 2 boards @ 9" (225mm) wide x 1" (25mm) thick x 96" (2.4m) long

Drying terms:
 Air: timber that's been allowed to dry naturally for 2 - 7yrs.

Green: timber freshly milled in the last few 18 months.

N.B. Viewing of timber is strictly by appointment only

Common uses:

Ash: joinery, flooring, furniture, musical instruments, panelling, tool handles, utensils, veneer
Beech: interior joinery, furniture, flooring, musical instruments, plywood, utensils
Cherry: furniture, tobacco pipes, veneer
coffins, external cladding, exterior joinery, joinery, furniture, flooring, structural products
inlays, turnery, woodcut blocks, utensils
Lime: furniture, musical instruments, turnery,
London Plane:
furniture, flooring, internal joinery
London Plane Q/S:
fine furniture, internal joinery, turnery, veneer
joinery, fencing, furniture, flooring, exterior joinery, structural products, utensils, veneer
Sweet Chestnut: joinery, fencing, furniture, flooring, exterior joinery, structural products, turnery
interior joinery, furniture, musical instruments, turnery, utensils, veneer
furniture, flooring, musical instruments, panelling, turnery, veneer
Wych Elm:
chair seats, wooden wheel hubs, water pipes, boat making
furniture, mouldings, musical instruments, interior joinery, turnery, veneer

Grown in Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest NNR is to have a new visitors centre and in order to build it several trees have had to be felled. 
Forest 2 Furniture has been able to purchase a number of the felled trees and over the next few weeks these trees will be milled.
The photos below show some of the timber milled so far.




Arm detail of patrick turk's signature piece - settle 

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