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If you're interested in Forest 2 Furniture you can find out what we're up to on this our News page.

5th April 2018 workshop closes

On Friday 30th March 2018 we sustained the 3rd burglary in less then 2 years and it is for this reason and this reason alone the decision to cease trading after 32yrs as Patrick Turk Restorations and close the furniture making and restoration workshop has been taken.

All current work will be completed.

14th June 2015 7pm BBC1 Countryfile

click here to see Patrick milling in Sherwood Forest and the interview with Matt Baker from the recent showing of BBC1's Countryfile

Matt Baker coming to terms with the notion that he's one of the first in the universe to see the grain of the tree as the plank is milled and turned over.

29th May 2015 filming for BBC Countryfile

BBC will be filming Patrick milling in Sherwood Forest NNR as part of the Countryfile episode filmed in Sherwood Forest to mark the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.

F 2 F Timber Sales:

With the high winds and storms in the UK over the last few months many broad-leaf trees have crashed to the ground, trees that are to good to just cut up for firewood.

As a result we have purchased and are in the process of milling several Oak, Ash and Yew trees into various plank thicknesses.

Once milled this timber will be available for sale either immediately as green timber or in a few months as air-dried.

Please check back for the new timber sales page coming soon.

Newark Advertiser Wednesday 15th January 2014

Patrick Turk starts tidying the tree up before milling begins

Small article about the milling of and old Oak tree that fell the day after boxing day, the tree had been marked for firewood until Patrick Turk suggested milling it and using some of the wood to make a piece for the parish church.

Read it here:

Environmental move:

From June 2013 we will be using Aspen petrol in all our chainsaws.  With Aspen fuel the formation of ground-level ozone (smog) is reduced by more than 50 %, making it safer for the operator and better for the environment.

Mansfield CHAD 15th April 2013

Full page spread in the paper and on their website of photos and editorial about Forest 2 Furniture, Patrick Turk and the exhibition in The Chapter House, Southwell Minster. View short video here

Woodturning Carmelite Nuns - lesson 1

Having donated a spare woodturning lathe to the Carmelite Monastery in Notting Hill, Patrick Turk also agreed to teach the sisters the art of woodturning.

Sr Susan was the first to have a go at reducing a square block of Sweet Chestnut to a cylindrical block.

Then it was Sr Lukes turn, doing the same process.

Lessons will continue over the next few months. The aim is for the Sister's to make small turned items using timber milled from the trees in their own garden at Notting Hill. These items will be available on their website for sale in the Craftynun Shop.

Carmelite Monastery Notting Hill 11th & 12th March

We were contacted by the lovely nuns at the Carmelite Monastery Notting Hill becasue they were having to have 4 of the London Planes that line the original driveway felled due to the roots damaging the monastery foundations.

After much consoltation between the local council (the trees had TPO's), the insurance company and the Nuns the day has been set for the felling to begin.

Although Patrick Turk is not doing the felling he will be making sure the tree is cut into uasble sections for milling.  He will start the milling staright away and once cut the planks will be 'sticked out' in the garden for the air drying process.

London Planes Carmelites Monastery Notting Hill London

     Two furthest trees are part of the four to be felled - planted in 1870's

New showroom - Opens 2nd March

To celebrate the opening of our new showroom at

Floralands Garden Village
Catfoot Lane

on 2nd March 2013
there will be chainsaw milling & green woodworking demonstrations by members of East Midlands Bogers.

Open times: Sat 10am - 3.30pm, Sun 11am - 3.30pm

To celebrate the opening of our new showroom, photos below show members from East Midlands Bodgers holding pole lathe and shave horse demonstrations as well as a 'have a go' day.

pole lathe workers form East Midlands Bodgers

Annual Tree Cull:  Feb - Mar 2013

Sweet chestnut trees rot from the inside out leaving a thin outer crust to support the total weight of a 40 foot tree, which is fine whilst the tree remains upright and undisturbed but once the root system rots away the tree becomes a disaster waiting to happen. A falling tree makes little noise until it hits the ground (or whatever/whoever is standing on the ground).

It’s sometimes difficult to tell which tree is dead and which is alive as quite often the bark is still in place.  By checking the trees on a regular basis during the summer months we are able to establish which trees are dead and will need to be felled.

Felling is best done in the winter months before the woodland floor springs into life especially in an old woodland such as King’s Wood with its rare and unusual plants, but also as dead trees play hosts to nesting birds, Bats and, in wet seasons, Bees.

Felling dead trees is part of good Woodland Management.  It opens up the canopy allowing younger trees to grow straight and strong as well as creating a safer environment for all users.

Although many woodlands are in private ownership it is almost impossible to stop the general public from entering them. To a certain degree, why should they be? The woodlands and forests of this isle are our heritage and as such we all have a duty of care to protect them for the future.

BBC Radio Nottingham - 24th Nov 2012

Interview with Frances Finn on her Saterday morning show if you missed it, catch up for the next 7 days here.

Heathrow Terminal 2b - 3rd September 2012

Commission recieved from BAA, the owners of Heathrow airport to supply a slice of Yew from our Designed by Nature range for the topping out ceremony of terminal 2b later this month.

Carmelites Notting Hill  29th August 2012

We've been offered a fallen Copper Beech in the grounds of the Carmelites Monastery Notting Hill, so today we're off to have a clean it up and prepare the trunk for milling.

The Art of Design June 2012

A small piece of editorial about the Restoration Throne can be found on page 38 in the June edition of the online interior design magazine - The Art of Design

The Independent 4th May 2012

Restoration Throne in The Independent Homes & Designs section

Picture and details of the Restoration Throne as part of the Milan Salone International Del Mobile feature in The Independent's Homes & Design section by Barbara Chandler.

London Evening Standard 2nd May 2012

Restoration Throne in the London Evening Standard

Picture and brief description of the Restoration Throne as part of the 'At Milan' feature in the Homes section of the London Evening Standard by Barbara Chandler.

Mansfield's CHAD 4th April 2012

Feature about the Restoration Throne with photo of maker Patrick Turk seated on it.

BBC East Midlands filming 28th March 2012

To publicise the Restoration Throne in the making and it's journey from Sherwood Forest to Milan,
BBC East Midlands are coming to film the making of the throne on Wednesday morning, fortunately it's the furniture they're interested in as I'm not at my best before 12 noon.

To find out more about the tree visit our 'Restoration Tree' page

BBC cameraman Peter Snow filming for East Midlands Today in King's Wood, Sherwood Forest on the site where the Restoration Tree once stood before falling down during high winds in 2007. View piece here
Sadly this was to be one of Peter's last piece's as he died suddenly a few days later.

Forest 2 Furniture is off to Milan

Patrick Turk from Forest 2 Furniture and concept designer Sarah Davenport from Nottingham who came up with te design concept have collaborated in a project to be exhibited on DesignersBlock stand at MOST Salone 2012. 'The Restoration Throne' as the piece is to be known is made from a 350 year old fallen Sweet Chestnut tree that was believed to have been planted at the beginning of the Restoration Period  by 1st Duke of Newcastle and that fell during high winds in 2007.

Sarah presented Patrick with a concept design of how she thought the throne would look, he interpreted her ideas to create a unique piece of furniture using traditional tools and techniques. 

Taking off with Terminal 2

Forest 2 Furniture have been commissioned by BAA to supply the Yew for the Topping Out ceremony of the new Termnial 2 building at Heathrow airport to be held on 29th February 2012.

Of the 2 pieces supplied one was presented to Justin Greening - Secretary for Transport, whilst the other, in line with the traditions of a topping out ceremony was raised to the roof.

Loom Time photo shoot - March 2012

It's said that you shouldn't allow your heart to rule your head but as a creative that's exactly what I have to do and for the first time in nearly 30 years I've found another creative that works just like me. 
Not just for financial gain but for the joy and excitment of creating beautiful things for others to enjoy; Victoria Picon of Loom Time weaves wonderful fabrics to create her own vision of traditional clothing.
Later this year Forest 2 Furniture will be teaming up with Loom Time for a joint photo shoot in Sherwood Forest to celebrate the beauty of hand made furniture together with the vibrant colours and textures of hand woven cloth.

What happened in 2011...........

22nd July - BBC Radio Northampton

Patrick Turk will be interviewed on the John Griff Show about Forest2Furniture and our next exhibition being held in the church at Canon's Ashby starting on 24th of July until 31st August.
If you missed the programme, listen to it here.

Mansfield CHAD April

Forest2Furniture Mansfield CHAD

Wednesday 13th April in the what's on pages contained an article about our current exhibition in the Gallery at Rufford Craft Centre.

Open Country - April

Patrick Turk will be interviewed for BBC 4's Open Country at the end of March for a programme about Sherwood Forest to be broadcast at 6am on Saturday April 9th and 3pm on Thursday 14th April.

If you missed it or want to hear it again you can do so here .

Nottingham Evening Post - April

Patrick Turk Nottingham Evening Post 5/04/11

Wednesday 6th April edition contained an article about our current exhibition in the Gallery at Rufford Craft Centre.

Nottinghamshire Life & Countryside March 2011


Great news, the lovely people at Nottinghamshire Life & Countryside magazine have done a lovely 2 page feature of Forest 2 Furniture in their Home & Garden section of March/April edition. On sale NOW.

What happened in 2010.................

Radio Nottingham 1st December 9 - 9.30am

Listen to Patrick Turk from Forest 2 Furniture on Frances Finn's Radio Nottingham programme.

Inside Out Monday 29th November 2010

The time has finally arrived after much filming during July this year,  Forest 2 Furniture will be featured in Monday (29/11/10) nights edition of Inside Out BBC 1 @7.30 East Midlands.
If you were unfortunate to miss this edition, you can view it here.

CHAD Enterprise Awards 2010

Forest 2 Furniture won a Highly Commended Environment Award at the CHAD
Enterprise Awards.
The Environment Award is given to businesses that have an active policy of
working with the environment to reduce their carbon footprint.

Hidden Gems - Mansfield CHAD out 10th August

We had a full page feature in the Mansfield CHAD as part of the Hidden Gems series.
On sale week beginning 9th August.

Working Lunch BBC2

Thanks to our involvement with Creative Greenhouse the networking group for creative businesses in the East Midlands and the hard work of Rob Pittam from Robin Hood Media we were featured on BBC2's lunchtime program Working Lunch on Tuesday 11th May. View it here

Rob Pittam and Robin Hood Media can be contacted on 07850 796 868 or email  rob@robinhoodmedia.net

Period House - June 2010

Look out for the July edition of Period House (on sale from June 3rd). They are doing an editorial feature about us with photo's.

Arm detail of patrick turk's signature piece - settle 

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