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Air drying the milled planks

English oak planks stacked for air drying in orchard

The freshly cut planks are stacked in the open air to start the drying process.

side view of english oak planks air drying in orchard

Thin strips of softwood are placed between the planks at regular intervals to aid the flow of air.

Sweet Chestnut boards air drying

sweet chestnut planks stacked for air drying

The ends of the boards are sealed to stop moisture in the air being drawn back into the grain.

side view of sweet chestnut planks stacked for air drying

Sweet Chestnut boards waiting to be moved to our covered drying area prior to being placed in the kiln.

When these boards were first cut they had a moisture content of 30%, the moisture content 4 months later is 26%.

To protect the milled planks from the elements during the drying process we now stack all our timber undercover in and open barn.

Our current stock of Oak,Yew, Holly, Sycamore, Ash and Sweet Chestnut has all come from Sherwood Forest.



Arm detail of patrick turk's signature piece - settle

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