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         Environmental Impact

In this modern age of high tech and instant availability almost everything we consume has been made thousands of miles away. Quite often the raw materials have travelled thousands of miles before being used.

Regardless of your views on global warming, at some point tomorrow, we will have to pay for the abuse today of our planets natural resources.

Forest 2 Furniture makes the following contributions to maintaining a low carbon economy:-

We only use storm damaged trees and the money we pay for these trees goes towards supporting tree planting & woodland management for a historically important tract of woodland within Sherwood Forest.

We use a hand-held chainsaw & jig to plank trees in the woodland thereby minimising the use of heavy machinery and the consequential disturbance of the woodland floor.

We leave the sawdust on the ground thereby encouraging the natural organisms that populate the forest floor to maintain a natural balance of flora & fauna.
We air dry our timber and finish the drying process in a solar heated kiln.

Our finishes are all natural.

Our drying areas & workshop are less than 15 miles from the woodlands and once the timber arrives there it doesn’t leave until it’s been made into furniture, minimising our carbon footprint as a business.
We exhibit our furniture in public places that are already being heated / lit thereby minimising the energy resources used by our business.
Our furniture is built to last for several hundred years, reducing the need for repeated manufacture & use of natural resources.
Using off-cuts from the harvesting of the timber and the making of the furniture to fuel our wood-burning range has enabled us to reduce our domestic energy consumption quite considerably.
Wherever possible we maintain and use existing resources; some of our hand tools, for example, are well over 100 years old.  

To summarise: we try to run all aspects of our business in such a way as to minimise our impact on the environment and the climate.  We also give back in exchange for what we use, since 2006 we have helped local woodland owners to plant over 350 native trees.

For these reasons we were awarded a Highly Commended in the Environment section of the CHAD Enterprise Awards 2010.

How Viable?

Although the way in which we extract and dry the trees we use may not be commercially viable it is however evironmentally viable.

Furniture made from trees grown in 'sustainable woodlands' can only be eco friendly if the raw materials they're made from haven't travelled thousands of miles before being used.

Grown in Britain is a movement that aims to:

1.     Create a new and stronger market ‘pull’ for the array of products derived from our forests and woodlands.

2.     Develop private sector funding that supports the planting and management of forests and woodlands through funding from corporates as part of their corporate social responsibility.

3.     Connect together and harness the positive energy and feelings towards our forests and woodlands that many in our society share to create a strong ‘wood culture’.  A wood culture that captures personal health and fitness, well-being, community and encourages use of more wood and forest products.

Grown in Britain has cross Government support and the potential to make a lasting difference to the forests and woodlands of Britain.

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