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       On-site mobile milling

There are many reason for felling trees in domestic settings; disease, storm damage, over grown or in the way of a proposed building project.

All of these are valid reasons but what to do with the felled tree;

Rather than having the trees that you and your family have grown up with and have come to love cut up for firewood why not have them milled into planks, dried and made into furniture.

The same system we use for milling trees in forests and woodlands can be used in gardens and most domestic settings in particular areas with restricted access.

Window of opportunity:

October - March is the best time of year to have that damaged tree felled, then we can mill it to your requirements ready to take advantage of the first drying season.

A flexable approach to Tree Milling:

Control over plank thickness: If you have a specific use for the timber and have a cutting list we will be happy to work to it.

Advice on how to store and air-dry the timber.

Kiln drying service (length at present limited to 2.4m)

No need to go to the expense of having felled trees collected by lorry for milling off-site.

We use our chainsaw mill for trees with limited access such as footpath or pedestrian gateways.

Where there is suitable vehicular access our mobile bandsaw mill is the ideal machine for milling trees up to 30" in diameter and 10' long. With larger diameter trees we break them down with the chainsaw mill first.

Once loaded the outer section of the trunk is cut away

Once we've got a square block then we can determine what size planks to cut

In the case of this Oak, most boards were cut to 30mm thick.
These will be made into floorboards once the timber has dried.


As part of the commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, we use Aspen petrol in all our chainsaws.

Milled trees in domestic locations

Having fallen during the storms of January 2014 this Walnut tree lay for a further 12 months before we were contacted to mill it.

Once milling had started the clients were delighted that they chose to have the tree turned into planks rather then cut up for firewood.

Once milled, the planks were transported to our undercover drying area where they will stay until the moisture content has been reduced.


A small area of Pines were being felled by a local farmer for use in their newly purchased biomass boiler, once the trees were felled the remaining hardwoods were exposed to the high winds resulting in many of them crashing to the ground.

In some cases the shock of the crown hitting the ground caused the trunk to split.
However, some sections were just to nice to cut for firewood.

Once milled the boards are removed from site and nothing remains but a bit of saw dust that will rot into the ground.

If you have a fallen tree that you would like milling please contact us for a no obligation estimate.

            Contact: Tel: +44 (0) 1623 794406   Email enquiries: Here