I originally set up Forest 2 Furniture after some friends had recently purchased a small woodland within the historic

Sherwood Forest with several wind blown trees and no idea what to do with them other then for firewood.

As a cabinet maker for over 30yrs I had always dreamed of having an unending supply of locally grown timber to

create hand crafted items of functional art from.

Although a master in my field of making & restoring furniture I knew little of the process of turning trees

into planks.

The biggest challenge that faced me was not what to do with the wood but how to extract the trees from where

they had fallen (none had fallen by the roadside) and mill them into planks.

And so the journey began, finding a way to extract trees from within ancient forests with little impact to the

woodland floor, drying the timber in an environmental way and educating others that fallen trees have many more

uses then just a form of heat.

Today Forest 2 Furniture focuses mainly on timber processing.

Whether it be for my own purpose or to dry and sell on through the Wood Barn for others to use in their own

projects I still hold true to my original goals;

To only sell timber that I would be happy to use myself, no twisted, warped, bowed or insect infested timber.

To sell timber milled from locally grown trees and to know the provenance of the tree.

Thank you for visiting this website I hope you enjoyed your visit and will com back.

Patrick - proprietor